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How old are you?



Were you a fashion student in college?

No! (although it had crossed my mind). I went to The University of Rhode Island, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Film Media, and Business of Digital Media! (So if you or anyone you know needs a video done, I am also your girl!!!)


What if there is something wrong with my order?

Please personally message me on @ri.reclaimed on IG or my email is


What is the return policy?

There are no returns, and I cannot control what happens after the item leaves my possession. If I am at fault for your order, ex: there is a huge hole in your pants that I somehow missed, you can send it back to me, and I will repair it for free.


How can I care for my item?

Please read the label on your garment it should have washing instructions there. If it is too vintage to have a tag/ the tag is not readable, hand-wash, or wash on the "delicate" cycle/cold water. If you item is wool it will shrink, so use Woolite when washing!


Do you ship internationally?

YES... BUT, you will have to pay for shipping...I am sorry, overseas shipping is hefty :( It is usually around $20-30 shipping internationally.